Bone and clay shadow,
Escapes the memory cave –
Mortal, she is born.


Janelle is a sculpture installation artist who lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania. Within the evocative surrounds of Australia's southernmost city, Janelle explores the mythic expanse of the female form; a half-charted wilderness echoing the fragile and unforgiving beauty of her home state.

Through her work, Janelle gives meaning and presence to intangible threads of cultural memory and suppressed desire. In placing the feminine archetype at the forefront of her arts practice, Janelle exposes buried story lines and wilfully obscured narratives from deep within our collective mythologising. Far from postulating a naïve supremacy of fertile womanhood, Janelle's work reveals the underside of a female cultural lineage, one that is as empty as it is embracing, dark as much as light.

Janelle holds a Master of Fine Arts higher research degree from the Tasmanian School of Art, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honours in sculpture, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in the Philosophy of Education from the University of Sydney.

— Patrick Toohey, July 2010

Potential antlers